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Imperial Residences

York Residence

Sunway Cassia


The Wave

Asia Hills

Shineville Park Close Up

Starhill Residences

Sierra Pinang

Tree Sparina

La Ferringhi


The H2O Condominium

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Air Hitam

Balik Pulau

Batu Ferringhi

Batu Maung

Bayan Baru

Bukit Jambul

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About us

We are not housing brokers, agents, developers or contractors. We are common Penangites who like to follow up with the development in Penang. We choose property as our main subject as it is one the most popular talking points in Penang. We want to share changes of Penang as a model for modern urbanisation, and its journey to become one of the liveable cities in the region.

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About this website

About Penang Property is for people interested in properties and the progress of Penang. The word "property" has multiple meanings. It could mean ownerships, such as real estate property. It could also refer to certain characteristic or trait. In our website, we talk about both. Our objectives are two-fold:
  • To showcase real estate properties in Penang
  • To explore unique characteristics of Penang and its people

In this website, you will discover the insights about the Penang properties. The information is intended to reflect the truth in the viewpoints of the common Penangites. Hence, you will find honest opinions about the pros and cons of owning real estate properties in Penang. We will also explore characteristics that will enable Penang to become one of the most liveable cities in the region.

If you are only interested to buy or sell properties, you can always find other prominent property websites with even more comprehensive data available in the internet. However, if you intend to explore more about this island, this website should be what you are looking for. Whether you are a Malaysian, an expatriate, a second home owner, or simply a visitor interested in the Penang properties, you are welcome to visit us.

If you are used to the American English, we apologise for possible confusion that we may cause by adopting the UK English. We thought it would be more meaningful to associate Penang to its colonial past, though sometime we confused ourselves by mixing our languages as well. This is the consequence (hence, a special property of Penang) of being a "melting pot" where cultures of the world meet.

Stay with us

We have provided housing projects, newsletters and short videos to our readers. Next, we will focus on publishing photo stories about the heritage, people, culture, activities and collective efforts to transform the island into a liveable city. Stay with us and witness our progress.

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